LBPD Locker badges were created  for the lockers of the Long Beach Police department.  When purchasing any of the 2 Locker Badges you must put your badge number in the special instructions so that the proper badge number can be added to your Locker Badge.  Locker badges are printed on metal.  The colors are very brilliant and shiny.  Locker Badges can be touched and cleaned.  

The Millennium Locker Badge is for those LBPD officers who were police officers in the year 2000.  Those officers received a Millennium badge and therefore are able to purchase the Millennium Locker Badge.

Locker badges have a standard mount which makes it so that the badge sits off the locker approximately "1."  The look is very unique and handsome. There is the option of getting a Locker Badge with an attachable Easel mount which would replace the standard mount and is flat. The optional Easel mount comes with the flat Locker Badge and can be attached to the Locker Badge so that the Locker Badge can stand up (alone) on a flat surface like a table or shelf.  The standard mount is what is mainly used for the Locker Badge that is mounted on a locker.

When you order, if you do not indicate Easel mount, the standard mount will be automatically placed with your Locker Badge order.  The price is the same with either mount.  It is suggested that the standard mount be used to place the Locker Badge on a locker.  Also, Velcro or a magnet is needed to make the locker badge stick to the metal lockers (not included).

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me (through this website or by phone).

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